"I've always had the same idea of how I should make music", says Daragh Dukes. "The idea is simple really, you take every piece of music you've ever heard and you twist it and blend it until you own it and then you tell your own story over what's left." Headgear is mongrel music. It's a a celebration of being a mongrel. It's not for thoroughbreds.

In Headgear, Daragh Dukes is joined by a diverse collection of talents from the Wild-West of Limerick and the Greasy Loins of Dublin city. Together they construct a distinctive and individual sound that is truly original.

If you liked 'Gone with the Wind' you'll love Headgear.

Headgear's sophomore album 'Flight Cases' was released on April 27th in Ireland on Martha Digs Music. It's a compelling collection of songs with a lyrical content that looks at the fear of flying and its metaphorical links to taking chances in life.

"A couple of dodgy flights triggered it off for me... you can become completely neurotic if you don't hold it in check", explains Dukes. "I'd read about Mr. Petit and imagined me being him, doing all the things you want to do in your imagination without having to get off the ground". Philippe Petit is the French high wire artist who gained fame for walking without a safety net along a tightrope between the Twin Towers in New York City on August 7, 1974 and is the subject of one of the songs on 'Flight Cases'. Other characters featured on the album include Sophie Evans, a county Limerick girl who went on to become a world famous aviator, about whom the song "Icarus Girl" was written, and Harry Randall Truman, the owner of Mount St. Helens Lodge at Spirit Lake in Washington State who refused to leave the mountain despite repeated warnings of its imminent eruption, at one point stating, "If the mountain goes, I'm going with it". He died in the blast at the age of 83 on May 18th, 1980.

'Flight Cases' is the follow up to the 2004 Martha Digs Music release 'Headgear', which was described by Hot Press as "a beguiling marriage of bedsit melancholia with laboratory electronica & quite the chamber-pop pocket symphony" and featured the singles 'Singing in the Drain' and 'Halibut'. Both 'Flight Cases' and 'Headgear' are available to buy in the Martha Digs Music online store.

If you liked 'Casablanca' you’ll love Headgear.

Also available, 'Where This Good Life Goes', the six-track mini-album released in 2002 on Sean Rrowley's Diamond Head Recordings. This release can be ordered through Rough Trade.