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For the headgear live experience, Daragh Dukes is joined by various collaborators including Kevin Brew, Orla Dukes, Osgar Dukes, Billy (z) Mulqueen, Barra O'Toole, Breifne Considine, Mark O'Connor, Sean Harrold, Emre Ramazanoglu and Pat Shortt.

Kevin Brew ...it's now almost two years since Kevin brew began communicating exclusively through the medium of modern dance and soundbites from the hit tv show '24'.

Orla Dukes ...in the sorry mess of a world that is Headgear, orla dukes stands enigmatically apart from the treachery.   

Osgar Dukes ...it became clear early in this young man's life that given a pair of drum sticks and pointed in the right direction, he could make a mean fondue. 

Billy 'Z' Mulqueen ...indeed. Having spent several years on the run in Bolivia, Billy 'z' Mulqueen now spends much of his time in his native Limerick where he spends his afternoons recording the details of and sketching the many marine vessels that visit Limerick Dock. He maintains a website with local notes to mariners advising of changes in minimum underkeel clearanace for vessels entering and departing the dock. This website was last updated in 2006 to advise of a seasonal accretion of silt at the entrance to the Ted Russell Dock requiring a minimu underkeel clearance of 1m.

While awaiting the next seasonal accretion of silt, Mulqueen has completed a new volume of erotic poetry and has taken up residence with his menagerie in a converted 12th century Templar church where, his own words, "the animals nestle comfortably between the ice sculptures and mannequins, entranced by the godlike moaning of my fine instrument."  

Barra O'Toole ...denies any involvement with Headgear. Any suggestion otherwise is "a pig-stinkin' lie and you whore-thirsty thieves are gonna be sorry for it!". For little or no additional information visit Mahlon Sweet Field.   

Breifne Considine ...Despite being at the other end of a relatively clear telephone connection, Breifne couldn't be reached for comment when she took a call from a bewildered assistant at the Martha Digs Music world headquarters in Castleconnell. 

Emre Ramazanoglu ...much of what Emre Ramazanoglu (assuming that is in fact his real name) has had to say about his experiences with Headgear is neccessarily lost in translation. You can visit Emre in his natural habitat at www.emremusic.com

Pat Shortt ...single handedly responsible for mythologizing a uniquely Irish application of the French baguette. A seamless marriage of traditional Irish breakfast cuisine and France's 'Little Sticks', the Jumbo Breakfast Roll, "Two eggs, two rasher, two sausage, two Bacon, two puddin's one black and white". Breakfast as a form of art.  www.patshortt.com