The Headgear Bloody Mary
(Serves 1)
Salt and lots of pepper (optional), A good squeeze of lemon juice (optional), 2 dashes Worcester sauce (optional), a good dash of tabasco sauce (optional), 4 ice cubes(optional), 2 measures vodka, 3 measures tomato juice (optional), celery salt*.

Shake, strain and pour. Garnish with 1 celery stick with leaves (also optional but remember it is important to try and eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg every day ... why not try Señor Barney's Grapefruit Breakfast Surprise?)

* To the best of our knowledge, the only place in Ireland that sells celery salt is the 'Village Grocer' accross from Shortt's Pub in Castlemartyr, Co. Cork. you could try give them a call and they might sort you out.